Pro Tip for Content Creation: No More Publish & Pray

Press publish and pray for views…

Does that sound familiar? I’m sure it does to many of us. Guess what? Getting views to your content doesn’t have to be a guessing game. 

Not if you do it right. So, I'll let you in on a pro tip for content creation. I will explain how to beat the algorithm and not feel paranoid the next time you press publish.

No wonder the views are not picking up if you create content for everyone. You need to narrow down your audience.

Start by figuring out who your audience is.

Ask yourself this about your audience.

  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they? Your language and messaging is completely different when your audience is 20 or 60 years old. Younger audiences prefer a fast pace, quick delivery, whereas older audiences take more time to delve into your content.
  • Where are they based? What is your target market geographically?
  • What does their daily schedule look like? Are they an office-worker or self-employed? When will they read or watch your content? That tells a lot about the publishing time.
  • What are their interests? That’s a brilliant clue as to what other topics to blend into your content.

Based on this, carve out your audience persona.

You can have multiple personas, but you need at least one.

Let’s say you’re providing marketing accounting software for solopreneurs. 

 For example: 

  • Lucy, 60. An experienced accountant, 9-5 home office worker. Loves history and gardening. From London, UK.

  • Mark, 21. A young digital nomad who wants to build his own brand. Working hours: chaos. From Bali, Indonesia.

See? These people have totally different expectations.

If you’re making content for people like you, that can also be a great starting point. Do some self-analysis and create a persona.

You can use my persona template to get it going.

Also, take clues from your outlier content pieces with the most views. That’s a good indication in narrowing down your audience interest.

What if I told you these minor changes in how you create content can explode your brand?

If you want to grow your brand with some simple hacks anyone can do, let me know. Get a head start, because many tech companies are missing out on this!

Are you ready to shift gears? We’d be happy to help you out with content strategy and copywriting.

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