Crowdly's goal is to help your business create value with marketing and recruitment services that suit you the best. Our approach is out-of-the-box, smart, and built to meet your needs. We are a small and flexible agency, speed is our strength.

Crowdly's team is made up of marketing and recruitment professionals holding extensive experience in the field, and fully passionate and committed to what they do.         
Riin Reinola
Fully passionate about marketing!
I've dedicated myself to marketing starting from my studies in the Netherlands, which continued with obtaining my Master's at TalTech University.
I've been committed to marketing for over 10 years, in both B2C and B2B sectors, as well as on the agency's side. During my career, I've mostly worked with tech and SaaS solutions in Estonia and abroad in cooperation with start-ups and mature companies.
Siiri Reinola
Recruitment projects are what really drive me!
My education is in psychology. I was attracted to organisational psychology already during my MSc studies at the Tallinn University. I have worked as an HR Manager in banking and production sector for over 15 years. Lately, I 've refocused to recruitment and headhunting, conducting many successful projects in Estonia and abroad.