We founded our recruitment and marketing agency to help technology companies grow.

Both founders of Crowdly have over a decade-long experience in the technology and financial industry. We have worked as generalists, multi-tasking and struggling with productivity in more specific fields of recruitment and marketing. We know the drill, we've been there.

That didn't allow us to follow our true passion, nor focus on what we love the most. That's why we wanted to change the experience and provide small and medium-sized technology companies with value by onboarding specific knowledge and hiring a recruitment and marketing agency. We follow this approach in how we run our business, and share it with our customers.

What are the benefits of hiring a recruitment and marketing agency?

  • Save costs and hire an agency, project-based, instead of a full-time specialist. 
  • Increase recruitment and marketing productivity by onboarding field-specific knowledge. 
  • Outsource recruitment and marketing tasks to support your in-house team. 

We have worked with international brands in the fintech, insurtech, e-identity, software development, and corporate services industry.
Crowdly is a marketing and recruitment agency in Estonia, Tallinn.

Meet Our Team

Riin Reinola
During 15 years, I've worked in both B2C and B2B marketing, with international brands from insurance to the tech sector, including start-ups and SMEs. I led the launch of the electronic identity solution Smart-ID in the Baltics.
I'm experienced in full-stack marketing, focusing on content, SEO, and social media marketing.
I'm passionate about tech and AI.
Siiri Nesterenko
Recruitment projects  really drive me!
My education is in psychology. I was attracted to organisational psychology already during my MSc studies at the Tallinn University.
I have worked as an HR Manager in banking and production sector for over 15 years. Lately, I've refocused to recruitment and headhunting, closing many successful projects in the Baltics, Portugal, the US, etc.