Avoid This #1 Mistake in Content Creation

Guess what’s the most common mistake you can make when chasing views?

I will tell you what you need to do to beat the Google, YouTube, or social media algorithms and get the views you want. You can easily apply this method to written or video content.

Reverse engineer your content.

Wouldn’t you like to know if there is any audience interest in the content you’re about to make? Kick this off with researching audience interest.

Define 3-5 key topics that make your content interesting and that you want to answer.

Let’s say you want to create content about marketing software.

  • Why should I use marketing software?

  • How marketing software helps small businesses?

  • Best marketing software for beginners

  • Most affordable marketing software in 2024

All you need to do now is a simple Google or YouTube search on each topic.

Research on Google

  • Keyword analysis. Use Keyword Planner to analyse which keywords perform the best for your brand and content. You can even sneak out what keywords your competitors use. Prefer long-tail keywords aka keyphrases as these nail user interest more precisely. Stick to keywords that have a higher CTR and lower competition.

  • Use autocomplete. Start typing in the search bar and see what Google suggests. Use the phrases that pop up at the top of search results in your content.

  • Suggestions. Google always shows you a related searches tab which is a good way to get more input for your content.

Research on YouTube

  • Use YouTube search and find outliers aka videos that have performed 5-10x above the average views on a specific channel.

  • Look at the titles and thumbnails of these outliers. Choose what suits your brand the best.

Create a vision board of the content you like. Tada! This will be the input for your next piece of content.

What if I told you these minor changes in how you create content can explode your brand?

If you want to grow your brand with some simple hacks anyone can do, let me know. Get a head start, because many tech companies are missing out on this!

Are you ready to shift gears? We’d be happy to help you out with content strategy and copywriting.

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