Content Creation Superpower to Save 1/10 Posts

The harsh truth is that avoiding this can kill 90% of your content.

What if I told you that you can save a 1/10 blog post or video? Let’s dive into how top creators craft intros that hook. And how you can do it too!

Feeling lucky today! I’ll let you in on a quick checklist to improve your intros.

Each and every content piece needs a proper intro. Why?

Your intro is the hook that gives the audience a reason to stay. No matter if you make written or video content, you must give your audience something to look forward to.

Here’s what you do.

Think of your content this way:

  • title - what?
  • thumbnail - how?
  • intro - why?

To get the views you deserve, your title and thumbnail should walk your audience into the intro, which has to:

  • hook - match expectations set by the thumbnail and title in the 1st sentence. Create relevance by posing the right question that matters to your audience;

  • give context - set the stage of what your story is about, how you’ll cover the idea. Build curiosity gaps throughout your content.

  • overdeliver - 1-2 cheeky surprises that will get them more than expected!

MOST IMPORTANTLY ANSWER THIS: what reason did I give to read or watch my content?

You can use my intro checklist template to hit it off.

By the way, I used all those tips while writing this content.

What if I told you these minor changes in how you create content can explode your brand?

If you want to grow your brand with some simple hacks anyone can do, let me know. Get a head start, because many tech companies are missing out on this!

Are you ready to shift gears? We’d be happy to help you out with content strategy and copywriting.

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