How to Step Up Your Content Creation Efficiency

Is your content creation really as efficient as it could be?

Don’t worry, I will let you in on a hack to create content efficiently. Stick around and I’ll explain how you can use it for every piece of content you make. I will even reveal 1 more secret that top creators love.

Guess what? If you really want to make the most of it, you should set up a brainstorming process. To help you out, you can use my ideation process template.

So first, you need to set your ducks in a row. That is create a content mock-up, drafting the most important things: the title, thumbnail, and description.

A great way to remember this is to call it the T-sheet.

How should I use this approach?

Write your title to the top, add your idea description to the left, and sketch your thumbnail to the right. That’s the easiest and most efficient way to carve out your future content.

You can use my idea efficiency template right here.

But I promised 1 more secret to you… Something that will boost this process!

Think of the idea description in questions.

Take a look at your title and thumbnail and think about what you would like to know as a viewer or reader. What are 3-5 questions that pop up? These questions define your core story.

What if I told you these minor changes in how you create content can explode your brand?

If you want to grow your brand with some simple hacks anyone can do, let me know. Get a head start, because many tech companies are missing out on this!

Are you ready to shift gears? We’d be happy to help you out with content strategy and copywriting.

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