4 Steps to Kick Off Content Creation Process

What if I told you exceptional content creators spend 70% of their time doing this to get more views? 

The best creators use highly crafted processes for this. Today, I will share 4 steps to kick off your content creation process, so you can do it too.

So, what makes a great piece of content? The number of words, photos you use, SEO? Nope! It’s much simpler than you would’ve thought…

It all starts with the IDEA. Brainstorming is KEY. It allows you to parse out the best ideas that align with your target audience.

Here are 4 steps to kick off your brainstorming process.

Step 1

Ideas are key in content creation. Now, ask yourself how much time do you spend on it? How many hours a week?

That’s why you need to schedule your brainstorms, just like any other meeting.

Step 2 

We tend to forget even the most important things - birthdays, meetings, or even smartphones. To make sure you don’t miss out on good ideas, keep track of them.

Create your idea bank using a simple Google document. Get my idea bank template here.

Step 3

The more the merrier! Especially in brainstorming. Find your brainstorming buddies, for example, other creators, creative friends, or whoever can bounce off ideas and has an open mind.

Create your brainstorming community.

Step 4

Your content most likely has a consistent style of packaging, hook, and structure. That’s called a format. Think about what formats you and your audience have liked, and what have performed well in your niche.

To make your job easier, brainstorm in formats. 

What if I told you these minor changes in how you create content can explode your brand?

If you want to grow your brand with some simple hacks anyone can do, let me know. Get a head start, because many tech companies are missing out on this!

Are you ready to shift gears? We’d be happy to help you out with content strategy and copywriting.

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